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When Brad Pitt Was Caught By Mike Tyson While Having S*x With Latter’s Wife: “I Guess Brad Got There Earlier Than I Did”



Brad Pitt has always been in the headlines for his relationship and let’s be real, the controversies around the star have also predominantly been due to his fling. But who could have imagined he would even dare to be in a fling with none other than Mike Tyson’s then-wife Robin Givens, and the boxer even revealed catching the two in action. Well, it really happened.

If you haven’t been aware, Mike Tyson and then-wife Robin Givens ended their marriage in the 80s. But if the boxer is to be believed the two were still in s*xual relationship even after filing for a legal divorce. If that dynamic sounds weird to you, let’s make it more convoluted. Brad was also a participant in this dynamic at the same time. Read on to know everything you should about this throwback.
In an interview US chat show ‘In Depth With Graham Bensinger’, Mike Tyson had revealed that he was still going to Robin Givens’ house everyday to have s*x with her. And it was one fine day when he caught Brad Pitt having s*x with Givens. He expressed how he was mad as hell and was going to punch. he said, “I was mad as hell! I was going to … you should have seen his face when he saw me.”
Mike Tyson added, “I was due a divorce but every day I would go to her house to have sex with her. This particular day, someone beat me to the punch. I guess Brad Pitt got there earlier than I did.”
Mike married Givens in 1988, and she filed for a divorce three months after the wedding. She alleged spousal abuse and received a reported $10 million settlement. Brad Pitt then was not a big star but was doing guest appearances on shows and that’s how Robin and he met.

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Young Rock: 10 Things To Know About Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s New Show



Young Rock is an interesting retelling of Dwayne Johnson’s formative years. Here’s what everyone should know about the show.
Fans of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have been delighted to tune in to the celebrity’s new sitcom, Young Rock. Whether he’s a favorite as a wrestler, actor, or even voice actor from animated films like Moana, people young and old have been tuning in.
It’s obvious from the characters and the fact that Johnson is playing a version of himself (who is running for President in the year 2032) that the series is based at least partially on his real life. Fans seem to be eating it up as well, as the sitcom has already been certified fresh but review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes. But there are plenty of things that are worth understanding about the show before tuning in or continuing to watch.

It’s A Breakout Role For The Star

Dwayne Johnson The Rock

Through the episodes, three different actors play Johnson at different ages, plus himself in the present-day (or rather, the future). The focus on many of the first few episodes was on the 15-year-old version of Johnson in high school.

This role is played by Bradley Constant, a young up-and-coming actor in his breakout role. He only has a handful of acting credits to date, including video shorts and a 2018 movie called Following Phil. While he is playing a 15-year-old, it makes sense that Constant is 22 in real life since an ongoing joke is that Johnson always looked older than he really was.

Talia’uli Latukefu Was In A Reality Singing Competition

Talia’uli Latukefu play 18 years old version of johnson dwayne

Actor Talia’uli Latukefu, who plays the 18-year-old version of Johnson, was actually an aspiring singer before he became an actor. He competed on Australian Idol in 2004, where he resides.

The actor (and singer) is best known for playing Byamba in the Netflix series Marco Polo, but he has other credits including Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant and the miniseries Devil’s Playground.

It’s Based On True Stories

Young-Rock-at-15 years

While some stories might be embellished for dramatic–or humorous–effect, for the most part, the sitcom is based on actual events that really happened in Johnson’s life growing up as the son of a professional wrestler. It tells the stories of the trials and tribulations he encountered before becoming one of the most beloved pro wrestlers around and an A-list action movie star.
Johnson says he sat down with co-creator Nahnatchka Khan and recalled story after story from his youth. If he remembered different things, he would write them down or call and leave a voice message about yet another unbelievable story. The episodes are framed around these stories. So, while not everything happened exactly as seen, everything is based on Johnson’s recollections of moments and events.

Yes, He Bought A Car With An Occupant In It

Dwayne Johnson The Rock

In one of the early episodes, the teenage Johnson is desperate to have a car of his own. When a random man overhears him say this, he offers up his battered car for a steal. Only after driving away does Johnson notice a disheveled man named Waffle in the backseat.

He claims this story is entirely real and that he did, in fact, buy a car on a whim with a man he described as being “sketchy” in the back. What is unknown is whether the man, called Waffle on the show, really did buy Johnson and his friends beer and dole out useful life advice before dying right in front of him.

He Is Open To Actually Running For President

Dwayne Johnson The Rock

The series is framed in the year 2032 where Johnson is sitting down for an interview with former actor and now journalist Randall Park (also playing himself) to tell stories from his life in order to convince the American people that he is relatable to them. Why? Because he has decided to run for president.

While this sounds like it’s a great way to set up the sitcom, there is some truth to it. While Johnson hasn’t officially announced any campaign plans, he has said in the past that he would be open to running for president one day.

Events Might Be Out Of Sequence

Dwayne Johnson The Rock

While all events depicted in the series (so far) did really happen, Johnson admits that some of them might be out of sequence or might have happened in a different location than portrayed on the show. It all depends on how well each helps the story to follow through the different timelines of Johnson’s life since he did move around a lot as a child.
“He’s had such a big life…” Nahnatchka told Deadline, “just telling a linear story is sort of doing a little bit of disservice, I kind of wanted to jump around [in time] and he’s got the experiences to justify that.”

It’s Streaming On Peacock And Hulu

Dwayne Johnson The Rock

In addition to being available on NBC week to week, the new sitcom is also streaming on NBC’s streaming service Peacock joining Peacock’s extensive line-up that also includes original series and lots of shows from different eras, notably the ’90s. You can also get episodes on rival streaming service Hulu the day after they air on NBC.

Additionally, Young Rock can be streamed in other places NBC streams, such as fuboTV, YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and Sling TV.

The Sitcom Follows Three Periods In His Life

Dwayne Johnson The Rock

After listening to Johnson recall many of his crazy life stories, the creators decided on the perfect way to frame the sitcom. It would cover three pivotal time periods in his life: when he was 10, 15, and 18 years old. Three actors were cast to play him at those different ages: Adrian Groulx at 10, Constant at 15, and Latukefu at 18-20.

During each of these time periods, there are important events that shaped Johnson’s life and career, such as the time he spent with famous wrestlers as a young child, his first girlfriend and coming-of-age at 15, and his time playing football in his late teens.

Johnson Did Buy His Mom That Cadillac

Dwayne Johnson The Rock and his Mother

Those who watched the episodes so far will note that Johnson’s mother mentioned several times wanting a Cadillac one day when Johnson became famous. Naturally, viewers were wondering: once Johnson did hit it big, did he ever buy her that dream car?

Indeed, he did, and funny enough, he couldn’t remember if she really wanted red or white and ended up choosing white. Sadly, the car was totaled by a drunk driver. But being the good son that he is, Johnson replaced it with another Cadillac, this time in the right red hue that she had always wanted.

His Father Passed Away Last Year

Dwayne Johnson The Rock and his Father

Johnson’s father, the famous professional wrestler Rocky Johnson, is featured prominently on the series, played by Joseph Lee Anderson. Sadly, Johnson, real name Wayde Douglas Bowles, passed away in January 2020.

Taking the title of the first Black Georgia Heavyweight Champion and winner of the World Tag Team Championship in 1983, he and his partner Tony Atlas were the first Black champions ever for the WWE.

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Serena Williams’ Hubby Defends Her Against ‘Racist’ Tennis Star



If you’re a fan of tennis, then it’s very likely that you’re also a fan of Serena Williams. Frankly, she’s so skilled at what she does that her impact goes way beyond her own game. That’s why, in 2016, The Guardian deemed her to be “the greatest sportsperson ever,” backing that up by noting that “[s]he’s overcome adversity to win all the major prizes in tennis, and been way ahead at the top of the game for two decades.” Indeed, the outlet noted that she’s in the league of elite athletic greats such as “Muhammad Ali, Diego Maradona, Pelé, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt, Jack Nicklaus, Sir Donald Bradman, [and] Roger Federer.”
The sports experts over at ESPN agree, pointing out that when you’re discussing the best of the best, finding Williams’ name on the list is a given. “Of course Jackie Robinson is recognized as one of the great profiles in courage,” the outlet asserts. “Of course Henry Aaron is revered as baseball royalty. Of course Serena Williams is accepted as the greatest tennis champion of her time.”

Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams

That’s why it’s downright ridiculous when anyone tries to diminish what Williams has done or what she’s capable of. And although she can (and does) defend herself against others’ baseless opinions, her husband, Alexis Ohanian Sr., is also fully willing and able to stick up for his wife. That’s just what he did when one particular person went after Williams.

Those who are thinking about criticizing Serena Williams regarding her tennis skills might want to keep their opinion to themselves. That’s because they might be taken down by none other than Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian Sr.

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Current WWE Superstar reveals the big promise John Cena kept to him



WWE veteran John Cena made a major promise to Big E, back when the latter was in Florida Championship Wrestling.

John Cena

Big E can be seen setting a bench press record at John Cena’s gym, in the latest sneak peek from WWE’s 24 special, focusing on the Intercontinental Champion. Big E is currently one of the most popular Superstars on the SmackDown brand. WWE’s latest 24 special focusing on his career is being lauded by fans and fellow Superstars alike.

Big E

WWE uploaded a sneak peek from the special to its official YouTube channel. The clip shows WWE legend John Cena assuring Big E that if he manages to hit a 575 Raw bench press, he will make sure that the visual is included in a documentary that was in the works at the time.
The documentary in question was focused on the buildup to John Cena vs The Rock at WrestleMania 28, and Big E was a mainstay in FCW at the time. Knowing full well that not many fans knew who he was at the time, Big E realized that being featured in the documentary would give him some serious exposure.

Big E

Big E eventually managed to set the record, and celebrated with John Cena, Roman Reigns, and others.
John Cena and Big E were workout partners back when the two Superstars were traveling with WWE on a regular basis. The duo became good friends, and it didn’t take long for Cena to realize that the current IC Champion had the potential to make it big in WWE. Big E opened up on the advice John Cena gave him in the past
“From John Cena, I learned about the importance of timing and the moment. There are things you can let get away from you, and things might happen out of nowhere, but it’s all about owning the moment. When you’re out there in front of the crowd, it’s about taking that chance or doing something special so you go from just being a guy to being someone important,” said Big E.
Big E is currently the Intercontinental Champion and has been excelling on SmackDown as a singles star. There are many fans who believe that he will get to have a main event run in the future.

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